2gig GC3 Access Point Mode?

I will be installing a GC3 (upgraded to f/w version 3.1.2) with a SP1 and would prefer to keep my security system communications separate from my family wifi. I’m hearing about Access Point mode as a viable alternative to wifi, but am finding little online documentation explaining Access Point mode.

I am thinking about linking the SP1 to the GC3 via Access Point mode, but my next thought is about adding future cameras, specifically Alarm.com’s Skybell HD and a couple ADC-V722W to my Alarm.com account (will also adding Video Cloud).

My question: can those two cameras share the GC3’s Access Point mode (not wifi) with the SP1? If not, must I configure the GC3 to use the Access Point mode for the SP1 AND wifi for the cameras, or must I use wifi for the SP1 and the future Alarm.com cameras?


Alarm.com cameras do not communicate directly with the GC3 panel. They communicate directly to Alarm.com.

Alarm.com video cameras need to be connected to your wifi internet so that ADC can access the stream.

Access Point mode bypasses wifi and sets the GC3 as the access point for the SP1 to connect to directly. In effect it creates a second LAN which only the GC3 and SP1 are on, not connected to the internet.

The GC3 and SP1 cannot use wifi and access point simultaneously. You would choose one or the other.

Great, thank you for the clarification. You guys are so kewl!!!