2GIG Gc3 2 way voice cuts out

We noticed this when we installed and tested the system and again when we accidentally set off the alarm this weekend. Central monitoring calls, but their voice cuts out frequently and they couldn’t understand us either. It sounded like they were dropping the first couple words of each sentence, making conversation almost impossible. We do have a strong radio connection.

What’s the fix for this? We paid too much for this panel to have this problem.

There have been some issues reported with GC3 two way. It has been worked on in all firmware updates that I am aware. One thing that would be a good test is to apply the recently released 3.1 firmware.

GC3 firmware updates are performed using an otherwise blank USB drive.

Here is the 2GIG GC3 Firmware 3.1

Do you notice improvement?

The thing is, I checked the settings and specifically looked for firmware updates on the panel, and it says no firmware updates are available. Is there some way to check what the current firmware version is?

You can view the current firmware version from the Home Screen: Press System Info and Usage - System Info.

The Firmware Update button in settings is looking for an available firmware file connected to the device. It is not looking to download from a network source and does not initiate OTA.

You must install firmware via USB drive. You’ll want a USB drive with only one partition and no other files. Transfer the downloaded firmware file to the USB drive, eject the drive, and connect it to your GC3 using the USB input at the top. Your panel should automatically recognize firmware connected. Follow the panel prompts.

OK, I did this and the panel seemed to install everything, went through a reset. Then when it came back on, I got a message saying the install had failed, Error Code 17 the system entered recovery mode unexpectedly.

I tried it again and got the same message. Does not seem to be working.

Please attempt to upgrade the firmware again via USB and should it fail, please take a picture of the error message that you receive and sent that to us so that we may investigate further.

Should this manual update not work, an Over the Air (OTA) update of firmware is possible, however, this OTA update process can take anywhere from 3-12 hours to complete and incurs a $10.00 data charge. Note that the charge would be refunded in the event that the OTA process fails to update your panel to 3.1.

If you would like to run an OTA update to 3.1, please submit your request via our Secure Message Tool. Note that the OTA process is run during normal business hours, Monday through Friday.

Please see the attached picture of the error message.

Please understand, I do not intend to pay a dime to make the panel work the way it should… I spent over $400 on this brand new piece of equipment - I’d appreciate if you and your team could please solve this issue appropriately.

There are two separate concerns here.

2GIG GC3 two way voice has shown some issues, and ongoing improvements have been made in firmware. We will be reporting this as another instance to 2GIG, though it is a known issue. We cannot affect this directly. The newest firmware will need to be applied to test.

The firmware update issue is unrelated to the other, and unfortunate as 3.1 is required to help resolve the other. I understand the concern, and we are happy to assist. 3.1 downloaded from above, is it the only file on the USB drive? Has this update failed three times with the exact same error each time?

We have heard a couple reports that are similar, resulting in error code 17. These appear related to the Build Version of the GC3 firmware being updated. Under system info and usage - system info, what is the Build Version number for your current firmware?

Yes, tried 3 separate times. On the last try, I reformatted the thumb drive and re-downloaded the firmware file, with no difference. Yes, only file on the drive - it was formatted before use. The build code is 5036.

I understand these are 2 separate issues, but what I care about is having this expensive panel working properly, so I do appreciate you doing whatever needs to be done to accommodate that. If there is a problem with this specific unit or build, I will gladly accept a replacement and send this one back to you.

We’ve reached out to 2GIG for any additional details. From the initial response it sounds like it may be a warranty replacement issue if it fails to update and remains on 3.0.2.

You can find our warranty policy here.

The issue has been escalated to a 2GIG engineer and we expect to hear from them tomorrow regarding any possible resolution. We will update this thread with any details. If 2GIG confirms there to be no fix, or we do not receive word, I would then recommend pursuing a warranty replacement per the linked policy.

OK thanks, I’ll look forward to hearing more!

As an update, we haven’t heard back yet from engineering, and I am inclined to say this is a warranty issue. I’ve not found a panel that has refused to update from a production 3.0.2 version to 3.1.

This would be handled under standard warranty. Our warranty policy and return options are found here. Let us know at customerservice@suretyDIY.com if you have any questions.