2GIG GC2E compatibility w/ Ring systems

Hi! I just moved into a new home that has a 2GIG GC2E security system installed with a few sensors around the house. It looks like Surety will allow me to manage my existing service in the cloud and with an app at a low price, which is a great starting point, but I want to also be able to integrate the Ring ecosystem with Alexa to control everything (2x floodlight cameras, 14-piece Ring Security Kit, Ring doorbell, and more) - is that possible?


Ring products do not integrate in any way with the system, however you can link Alexa with your Alarm.com account and control a variety of system functions through voice control, so you could have parallel control of the two through Alexa.

Find more info here.

Thanks for the quick reply Jason! I did a bit more research and came to a similar conclusion, I’m actually leaning towards leveraging the existing 2GIG system and sensors in my house and adding a few more to supplement and signing up for Surety. Looking at the difference in options for plans, would the Alexa integration only be available with the Surety Home plan (lists Audio Integration as a feature)? Also, can you explain what “Unexpected activity alerts” mean?

No, Audio Integration is regarding Legrand/Sonos audio integration.

Alexa can be used with any plan. What you can control would be determined by what plan you have.

Unexpected Activity is a notification type which uses your system activity history to generate notifications based on activity that is out of the ordinary for your system.