2GIG GC2e and portable remote

I have a GC2e and multiple Zwave+ wall switches installed. I would like to create some scenes (easy) but run them via a portable remote like the nanomote, flic, whatever. The panel only gives me the option to run by pressing the “run” icon. Does the GC2e support any of the Zwave portabel remotes out there?

No, there is no method of assigning scenes to controllers, either through Alarm.com or on the panel, but if the remote can be added to the network and then set up its scene independently just via the remote’s buttons, then it is likely to be possible. Something like the Aeon Labs minimote works that way.

Thanks. The Minimote actually can be enrolled into the panel, however, there is a caveat. The minimote will NOT “associate” with Z-wave Plus widgets that enroll with encryption, such as the ZENxx series of ZooZ switches. Interestingly, I also tried a GE/Jasco ZW3005 Zwave Plus dimmer switch- it enrolled WITHOUT encryption and, after some weeping gnashing of teeth, I got the Minimote to associate with it although the operation of the buttons is not as … err… “robust” as I would like.

Nortek support confirmed what you said.

The next question is, of course, can a widget like the Nanomote “associate” with a single switch rather than a scene? I’m awaiting Aeotech Support’s answer.