2GIG GC2 Wireless & Wired Sensors

I have a 2GIG GC2 system with 11 wired sensors. The installation also includes 2 Takeover Modules (2GIG‐TAKE‐345) for some reason. I want to add another 2-3 zones using wireless sensors. Is it possible to add the desired 2-3 additional wireless zones to my existing system that is currently only comprised of the takeover module zones?

So there is 11 zones All together

Yes. There is currently 11 zones. The existing 11 zones all run through the takeover modules. I want to add 2-3 more zones, but I don’t want to use wired sensors that will connect back to the takeover modules.

Yes u can add wireless sensors using 2gig sensors

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Great. Thank you!

Ur welcome

Yep. The 2GIG super switch only has 8 zones so you would need 2 for 11 zones.

I think there is a misunderstanding of what I’m asking. I presently have 11 zones using two takeover modules. I want to add three more zones, but I don’t want to hard wire the new sensors to the takeover modules. Can I simply just use wireless sensors for the new zones and thereby bypass the takeover modules completely for the new zones?..and still keep the original 11 zones on the takeover modules operational as well?

Yes, you can add 2GIG wireless sensors in addition to the wired ones you have.