2gig gc2 come with xcvr2?

I bought a 2 gig image 1, and it will not learn. I am wondering, do I have the 2gig xcvr2-345? How would I find out?


2GIG panels do not naturally come with the XCVR2 dual RF transceiver.

The easiest distinction between the two would be to open the panel and look at the transceiver itself. If it has an inch and a half or so corkscrew antenna like the one shown here, it is an XCVR2. If it does not have a visible corkscrew antenna, it is the default transceiver.

I took the panel off and I do not have the xcvr2. If I decide to order and switch them out, is there anything I need to know? or is it just plug and play? I do not want to have to reset all of my contacts. Let me know.


The XCVR2 requires no programming on its own and can be freely swapped out.

Be sure to only make physical changes like this with the panel fully powered down.

I appreciate it. Thank you.