2GIG GC2 Backup Battery Not Connecting


I have just replaced my cell module in the 2GIG GC2 alarm panel, and after reconnecting the battery for installation the battery does not indicate a connection.

Beforehand, I was able to see a battery level indicator on the panel screen, but it is not showing up anymore (since installation).

Would appreciate any and all help - thanks.

This often occurs when the battery is plugged in after the transformer. Reboot the panel to resolve. You can do so by entering programming and then saving and exiting, sending a remote reboot command from the system manager here, or my power cycling again and plugging in battery first.


Appreciate the quick response.

I have tried all three methods of troubleshooting and I am still unable to get a signal on the panel indicating the battery backup is connected.

Is there another solution to this?

Post a photo of the battery connector in reply. It is possible the wiring or connector is damaged. One of the wires may be loose or the metal wire torn inside the sheath if the panel cannot tell the battery is plugged in. This can happen if you pull out the battery by pulling hard on the wires themselves.

Attached is a photo of the connected backup battery and the panel.

I know that when I removed the battery the wires were tugged, so it is very possible that this is my issue.

In this case, would I need to purchase a new backup battery to fix the issue?


Yes, if you have rebooted multiple times and powered up plugging in the battery first, I would recommend a new battery. Product link in response above.

Thank you for the assistance I will order my backup battery through Surety.

One more question: How do I know if the battery has expired?

The batteries are rechargeable, they should typically last 3-5 years or more. There aren’t great battery health diagnostics on the GC2, but if a battery is 3+ years old and not holding as much of a charge it is time to replace.

Thank you for your help. I feel confident tackling this issue.


I have encountered another problem with a different component. I have just replaced my batteries in my activity monitor (motion sensor) and my system is indicating an idle status in this component.

Do I need to set up a new support request for help with this issue?


Idle is a normal status.

Motion detectors are either in “Activated” status or “Idle” status depending on when they were last tripped.

If you believe you have an issue please describe the behavior you are seeing.