2GIG from Concord 4?

I am thinking about getting a 2gig alarm system. my house currently has a concord 4 alarm system. Can I use the old hardwire sensors with this system?

The 2Gig panel only supports 2 hardwire zone inputs on the panel terminal block, however, you can easily add wired sensors using a 2Gig Takeover Module. Each Takeover Module supports 8 wired zones and turns those zones into wired signals.

Something to keep in mind is that the Concord 4 is also an Alarm.com capable system, so if the new touchscreen control panel isn’t your primary goal and you just want Alarm.com service, you can use a Concord Alarm.com module.

If you know all your sensors are hardwired and you want 2Gig, then the Takeover Module is the way to go.