2GIG Firmware Update

Would you recommend updating the firmware? Advice on how to do it if needed?

Updating Firmware can be important as each version brings new changes to functionality and additional features. To better assist you, which firmware version are you currently using?

Firmware can be updated in a few ways, either:

  1. With an Over the Air (OTA) update over cellular network. Please keep in mind, the process can take anywhere from 4-12 hours during which time panel programming mode must not be entered as this could damage the system. Also, there is a $10.00 Data Charge associated with each update.

  2. You can purchase a Firmware Update Cable. This will allow you to download the Firmware directly from our site and apply it to your panel. There is no individual firmware charge for this method.

  3. If you are utilizing dual-path communication via the 2GIG Go!Bridge, OTA updates for firmware are free.

I checked the status of my panel and it lists the following:
Z-wave home id:xxxxxxxx
Serial #:xxxxxxxx
IOP version:714.2010
Firmware version:V1.9.6_PRODUCTION_EN_US
Build version:9766
Z-wave version:2GIG-b 3.42
Customer ID:01

What should I be looking at to update at this point? I’m not currently connected to Central Monitoring with SuretyDIY.

To update the firmware, you need an update cable, and you need to download the firmware. 1.16 is the newest.

cable: https://suretyhome.com/product/2gig-usb-firmware-update-cable-ts1-4-pin-extender/
firmware download: https://suretyhome.com/download/2GIG/firmware/archive/

follow instructions in pdf.

or you contact provider/or if surety, via customerservice@suretydiy.com and they will direct you further. (this method requires you have an active alarm.com cellular module, and the update occurs over the cellular (OTA)).

What should I be looking at to update at this point

I would probably recommend updating first to 1.13 before going higher to avoid potential issues, though I believe 1.16 specifically states it updates 1.9 and later.