2GIG Firmware Update

Can you remotely push a firmware update to both my main GC2 panel and my TS1 panel? I have a GoBridge!, but I believe you still have to initiate the update, it will just download and apply the update using wifi instead of cellular, is that correct?

Can I do it myself OTA, or would I have to use a cable to perform a DIY firmware update? Just wondering for the future.

OTA updates are available (we saw some trouble in the past using the Bridge for updates, but that has been worked out afaik.)

However, yes, we would need to initiate it, OTA updates for panel are not available through the user site.

We also very strongly recommend using the upgrade cable and updating locally instead, as it is a more controlled method of updating.

If you determine you want an OTA update, email customerservice@suretyDIY.com to request.

Thanks. I will order a cable for future updates, and have requested an OTA update via customer support for now.