2Gig encrypted smoke detector issue

This morning, I was cooking in the kitchen and my encrypted SMKT8e went off. I silenced it after 15 seconds or so, but it never sent a signal to the panel. I called monitoring to confirm and they said they never received a signal. Any idea why the SMKT8e didn’t send a signal?


Have you successfully tested an alarm with this sensor?

Set your account on test mode in the Surety System Manager and try holding down the test button.

The detector will sound locally for about 8-10 seconds before the signal will trigger an alarm at the panel. (unless you have the zone programmed as Fire with Verification, which would then be 30 seconds)

Hi Jason,

I recently tested all smoke detectors with button and canned smoke and all reported correctly. I will retest this one today and make sure it reports correctly. I’ll let you know what I find.


Jason, I’m wondering if maybe I just got to the sensor within 10 seconds. If I mute an alarm before the 8-10 seconds, it won’t trigger an alarm, correct?

I will test it and confirm that it does trigger.


There shouldn’t be a noticeable delay in between the SMKT8e sensing smoke and an alarm being triggered. Pushing the hush button should not cancel an alarm either.

Looks like the event occurred on the 26th correct? I can confirm that there is nothing in Alarm.com history to indicate that an alarm event was triggered by the SMKT8e sensor.

How far away is the sensor from the panel?

It is interesting that it triggered the SMKT8e siren as this unit is supposed to be more immune to false alarms from cooking smoke (although not completely).

Hi Tyler, yeah, it’s all a little strange. I was cooking but no real smoke in the room. I have cooked with my old SMKT3 with a lot more smoke and never had a false alarm, so strange it happened with the SMKT8. That sensor is less that 10 feet, straight line, to the panel. They are basically in the same room.

Yes, the event was on 7/26 at 8:53am pacific time.

I will test it with the canned smoke again tomorrow, but I’m a little concerned that it is either throwing of false alarms without communication to the panel, or that it is too sensitive, detecting nearly imperceptible levels of normal kitchen smoke and still not communicating with the panel.

Of all my sensors, I need to be the most assured that my smokes are working properly. Should I consider a warranty exchange with 2Gig?


Let us know what you find, we can confirm in history when you test (be sure to place your monitoring account on test per above before checking)

Of all my sensors, I need to be the most assured that my smokes are working properly. Should I consider a warranty exchange with 2Gig?

Warranty replacement would be advised if its not working properly, although I believe that would be handled through wherever you purchased it from and not 2GIG directly.

Hi Tyler, I put the system into test and did a canned smoke test on the SMKT8. It triggered almost immediately and sent a signal to the panel right away. Seems to have worked, which is even more confusing as to what that was the other day! Thank you!

I can confirm the test with canned smoke reported to Alarm.com and central station.

Keep an eye on it and test to ensure proper functionality. If the SMKT8e continues to trigger without reporting to the panel then it should be replaced

Thank you, Tyler! I will keep an eye on it. Have a great day.