2Gig Edge Remote Keypad Problems

Our 2Gig Edge Remote Keypad has issues. Every night, between 7-10PM, the keypad disconnects and the main panel beeps until I wake up the remote keypad.

The keypad also seems to go to sleep or enter power saving mode where the blue light will go out (but never the red armed light?). Last night, this preceded the beeping disconnect error by about two hours.

Sometimes the keypad will become unresponsive. No amount of finger pressing will wake it up until it somehow decides to reboot or reset and become responsive again for a while. This has happened when the system is disarmed and has also happened when the system is armed. The red light was on but the panel would not wake up to let us disarm the system; had to use the main panel.

The remote keypad is now connected by Access Point with no Wi-Fi at all. We had two bars signal strength when we paired. We tried Wi-Fi but had the same issues… 2Gig recommended the AP connection.

We have replaced the remote keypad once and that did not help. We plan to test a repeater today to extend the AP but I’m not sure that’s really the cause of the problem. Our local techs seem baffled and unable to resolve the issue.

Any suggestions?

P.S. Just now disconnected again outside of the 7-10PM time slot. Blue/disarmed light was out on the remote keypad. Had to wake it up to stop the beeping. Reconnected immediately…

It looks like that this is not related to a Surety subscription, is that correct?

A few things:

  1. What is the distance between the panel and the keypad?
  2. Is this a 2.4ghz connection or 5ghz?
  3. How long is the power cable run for the keypad, and is the proper, included power transformer being used? What gauge cable is being used?

As a caveat, we do not sell 2GIG Edge products, and while I am not aware of any general performance issues with the keypads, I don’t really have the extended experience with one to be able to confirm that.

Hi Jason -

Thanks for trying to help. No this is not a Surety subscription, yet… I’ll try to answer your questions:

  1. About 50 feet
  2. Network used is 2.4ghz
  3. Maybe 4 feet. It’s thin cable, same used for main panel. Both have transformers that came out of the box from 2Gig.

We have installed a TP-Link repeater/extender this morning which gave us four bars instead of two when we paired. So far things seem to be better…

So based on those details only distance and attenuation would possibly be an issue. It may be the Edge secondary keypad just has a weaker network radio. If it is holding connection better with an extender that pretty much confirms it.

Did you ever solve this issue - did the repeater help? I’m experiencing exactly the same problem.

Yes, the network extender from TP-Link completely solved the problem. I have had zero issues since it was installed and configured.

I know it’s been awhile since you wrote this, but my edge system is having the same issue, I thought maybe our mesh network is going down and it could be since the main console is beeping, but they have now replaced the remote keypad twice, it locks up just displaying black with a small white banner saying 2gig on the top and touch will only wake it to the screen it’s dead. Is this what you were seeing?