2GIG Edge Panel or Qolsys IQ Panel 4 DIY Installation Questions

Hello - I am building a new home and need some help understanding the best non-obtrusive/hidden power installation for either a 2GIG Edge Panel or Qolsys IQ Panel 4 + Remote Panel.

The builder’s low voltage subcontractor reached out to me about the placement of ethernet drops throughout the home. That company sells and installs 2GIG Edge Panels and claim they run the 2GIG Edge panel from PoE. Therefore, the low voltage company is going to put one ethernet drop off the garage entrance for a panel and another ethernet drop in the primary bedroom. I can’t find anywhere in the Edge Panel documentation online that supports a PoE configuration, but they assure me it works.

Regardless, I’m more interested in the Qolsys IQ Panel 4 (and remote panel) as they can accept the PowerG sensors. There’s no power outlet where either of my two panel locations are to be located, and the Qolsys panels require the 7VDC barrel connector that’s attached to a 7V transformer.

My goal is to run 18 AWG two conductor wire through the wall to my “command center” about 40-50 feet away for both panels. This way the ugly transformer will be out of sight and not in the same room/wall as the panel.

Overall, what is the best option or direction I can give the low voltage subcontractor to create a simple DIY panel installation experience for me for either a 2GIG Edge or Qolsys IQ Panel 4 where I don’t have a power outlet nearby?

Thanks in advance!

They may misunderstand what PoE is. The Edge panel does not have any ethernet input jack that I am aware of. It uses wifi for broadband connection.

PoE is a standard power application protocol where network devices negotiate power from an Injector or PoE Switch.

I think what they likely mean to say is that they use category cable (used for broadband ethernet) to extend the 14VDC power supply cable. Your instincts are correct, that’s not PoE, which is why you wouldn’t find any PoE documentation for the panel.

You can use multiple conductors each for positive and negative on something like cat5 or cat6, in fact a lot of users replacing older wired systems have similar wiring already, but if you are having a contractor install structured cabling, you may as well use the manufacturer recommended 18AWG. (Recommended by Qolsys)

You would splice on the 18AWG to the IQ Panel 4 power supply to extend the cabling. The maximum length is about 100 feet, but less is preferred. 40-50 should be just fine.

Thank you very much for your response. I’m going to request that they install 18AWG from the panel location to the network closet where I can hide the transformer. I’d prefer the Qolsys panels over the Edge panels anyway. Plus the ability to utilize the PowerG sensors seems like another pro for the Qolsys over Edge ecosystem. Thanks again.