2GIG - DW20R-345 Sensor Question

I just tried installing two different 2Gig-DW20R-345 recessed Door contacts in my back door. Both sensors work the same way and require the door to be almost a full 90 degrees open before the alarm goes off.

Is this the way these sensors are supposed to work or am I doing something wrong?

Sensor type = 01 exit/entry 1
Equipment code: 0863-2GIG Recessed Door Contact
Loop: 1

Thank you

The control panel is a 2gig GC3

Did you install the sensor on the hinge side of the door by chance?

They need to be installed handle side like a surface mount contact would be otherwise the magnetic gap is not broken quickly enough.

The door should only need to open an inch or two to trip the sensor.

Yes. Hinge side…darn…

I have a double 6 foot door and just wanted the alarm to go off if someone kicked in the center of the two doors but not go off when I open the non stationary door. This was an extra Stay perimeter type of comfort sensor.

Is there anything that I do to make it work better where it is currently installed?

Not really with that type of sensor, other than off-setting the magnet, which is not a good idea.

What you are looking for if you want a hinge side sensor is a plunger style sensor.

Will this work with the 2gig GC3? and do you know what the settings are for this sensor?

Appreciate all your help. Thanks

To my knowledge any 345 sensor should work with the GC3. The sensor would need to be set to loop 2.

Does it matter what I pick in relation to equipment code for the Icon plunger style door sensor? i.e.

0655 - Existing door/window contact
0637 - Honeywell D/W “5816”

Please advise what to use.

Thank you

No, I don’t think it does. As long as the equip code is for a Door/Window type sensor, that gives you the programming options for entry/exit, or perimeter.

Riven is correct. Existing Door Window contact would be fine.

Just finished installing and testing the Ion Plunger sensor that you recommended… Works great!!! and exactly as you described.


Glad that worked for you!