2GIG DW10 vs 2GIG DW20R

Should I use a DW20 Recessed Door Contact or DW10 Door Window Contact? Is one better than the other?

This question comes up somewhat frequently and there isn’t really one definitive answer as there are a few variables at play.

The 2GIG DW20R does one job and that is to supervise and report if the door it is installed in is open or closed. Since it is installed directly into the door, as seen here, it remains unseen. For many people this is a great alternative since it doesn’t detract from the look of their door. No noticeable sensors! However, this can also be seen as a downside as installing the sensor is a bit more involved than other sensors and it permanently damages the door.

The 2GIG DW10 on the other hand is a bit easier to install, offers 2 loops for various functions and can be installed in a wider variety of places when compared to the DW20R.