2gig dw-10 sensor slow to report


I have several 2gig thin door sensors. Lately I have noticed one of them being slower than normal to report. In the past as soon as I open the door I get the chime. It now seems like it takes it 10-15 seconds to sound the door opened chime. I have a ts1 panel downstairs and that is where I normally hear the chime. Any ideas why I’m getting a small delay?


How is the sensor installed? Is the sensor mounted on the door or is the magnet? Is the door metal or wood? Metal can cause errors in reporting if the sensor is mounted on it.

Has the sensor been moved at all? Could it be mounted by the hinge side of the door? If so, this takes more distance to break the magnetic field that causes the signal to trip.

How long have you had this sensor and have you replaced the battery recently?

Have you recently moved the TS1 and/or the main panel. The strongest signals come from the face of the panels and if these can be mounted in such a way where they, roughly, face one another this could improve signaling.

You could also try power cycling the TS1.