2GIG Door Bell


I have couple of questions regarding the 2GIG door bell:

  1. I have an existing hardwired door bell. However, the bell does not work anymore! So I was thinking of getting the 2GIG bell. I am planning to use the same wiring, and I understand the 2GIG bell comes with an internal battery. Do I need this battery if I were to use the existing hardwire?

  2. My second question is related to programming. “Select RF sensor supervised” what is this feature? And why do I need it?

Thank you!

24 AC wiring allows the light to work (doorbell lights up)

With “battery only” operation, the light doesnt work, and the doorbell only works with the panel itself.

Supervised means the panel will tell you if the device malfunctions, has low battery ,etc

You can either use the Doorbell as wireless, battery only, which is great if you do not have an existing bell on that door, or use the existing line.

Your 2Gig panel can produce a desired chime upon activation of the bell, and it can even be used to generate Alarm.com notifications.

A supervised sensor will send the panel a check-in signal on a periodic basis to verify it is connected and functioning. A malfunction or missed signal will generate a “Loss of Supervision” error.

I see. Thanks to everyone for your feedback!