2GIG DBELL1 and SP2 Chimes.

Recently installed a secondary panel and the DBELL1, can get the chime on the main panel when the button is pressed, but can’t get a tone on the secondary panel. When I push the button, the SP2 screen shows a loading graphic for about a half second, but no chime is played. It will however play chimes on the secondary when a door is opened, so I know the system is linked to the main panel.

I just tested this same set up, same issue.

It appears that the SP2 will not chime in response to a sensor set as “No Response Type” which is how the doorbell functions. I’m going to reach out to 2GIG to see if this is a known issue, etc. Will follow up here when i have more information.

Heard back from 2GIG, this is a known issue and should be address in upcoming firmware. As to when that firmware will be released, I do not have an ETA.