2Gig Control Panel/TS1 Firmware Update - How


I have my USB cable and pin extender and am ready to update my panels, but I cannot find any instructions/guides. Will yall please point me in the right direction?


The download here has the current firmware as well as instructions-


Rive also has a post that provides a pretty good demo on firmware updating.

There is a link on our product page for firmware updates that we add to as more releases are made available, in case you’re looking for future updates down the road. Let us know if you have any questions in the process.

When updating the TS1, make sure the cable does not move, else update will fail.

For creating the shortcuts, and installing drivers, see:

Thanks for the quick response yall. Last question, do I need to call and put my system in test before I do this?


Yes. You should put your system on test because your panel will send a tamper signal as well as power failure signals to the central station.