2gig compatible tilt sensors

Looking for some advice regarding the tilt sensor I installed on my garage door. I saw a couple posts indicating reliability issues with the Resolution Products tilt sensor, so I ordered a Honeywell 5822T sensor instead. I’ve had it a few days, mounted (with screws) to the top of my garage door and I occasionally hear it triggered when nothing is going on in the garage - the panel will announce ‘garage door’ since I have the voice chime enabled. One time it did go off right as a neighbor with a loud aftermarket exhaust system drove by, but other times there is absolutely nothing going on. When I do a walk test I have to open the garage about three feet before the sensor is in a horizontal position and is triggered.

Are there any other tilt sensor options?

I will preface this by saying I have no direct experience with that specific Honeywell sensor (since we primarily use the Resolution Products version) however, a couple things pop to mind:

  1. May be silly, but make sure that the proper loop number is programmed for the sensor operation. That particular sensor looks like it operates a vertical tilt on loop 3.

  2. Also be certain you have the sensor mounted right side up. Orientation matters with tilt sensors, and the Honeywell 5822T has an arrow notched in the front to indicate which end is up.

Common among all tilt sensors is that a garage door must be opened further than with a typical open close sensor in order to pass the tilt angle threshold. If this is a concern, a wired contact may be used. A contact like this mounted at the base of the door and wired to an RE201 will trip based on the sensor magnetic gap (typically around 3 inches with these models.)

Its on the correct loop (3) and mounted properly. Perhaps its a dud.

The 5822T uses a ball switch as the tilt sensor, just like the RE206, except the 5822T has two of them in series where as the image of the RE206 below only shows one:


In theory the 5822T should be better for false alarms, since both switches need to be in the correct position for the sensor to trigger.

Would it matter that I configured it as a “(1061) Garage01 Resolution Products Tilt Sensor” ?? I saw one post indicating the equipment code was only for inventory purposes, but another post on the forum indicated that the equipment code selection may change the questions the panel asks.

That should not matter in this case.

Is the problem you are seeing intermittent? Does the sensor otherwise function properly every time you open the door? Typically with wild false reporting you have a loop issue, a rare signal issue, or a defective sensing circuit.

It otherwise functions great - I open the garage door, leave it open for 15 mins, I get my txt msg about the door being left open. I close the door, I get a txt about the door having been closed. Seems to be setup properly.

I work from home, and randomly the panel just speaks the words ‘garage door’ when nothing happened :slight_smile: If the sensor is triggered should is appear in the system history? I only see alerts in there.

Without sensor activity monitoring and basic interactive, no, I believe you’ll just see alerts. You could always test it by changing the garage sensor from No Response Type to Entry Exit. Then, if it actually opens the circuit without the door moving it will be reported at the top of your panel’s home screen. It’s a “wait and see” kind of test.

So I returned the Honeywell 5822T due to the false alerts when cars drove by.

I have a Resolution Products RE206 now, and no false alerts due to cars now! However, the past 24 hours have been unusually windy and I am getting a number of false alerts with the RE206 after two weeks of perfect operation. Is this to be expected? Both the 5822T and RE206 use a ball type tilt sensor.

The sudden vibration from strong wind gusts, I have found, is known to cause an issue here and there. This is one reason why I do not recommend using the Tilt sensor if you are wanting to use it as a security sensor instead of a notification sensor.

An alternative to the tilt sensor is to do what I did (absolutely no falsing, and I use mine as a security sensor). Use a dw10 and reed switch (cost is approx $38)

In my opinion, the reed switch/dw10 combo is worth the $8 difference that a resolution tilt runs for at $30).

Suretydiy.com has the reed switchs now available for $16, and the dw10 for $22

Programing/Installation instructions: http://www.2gigforum.com/threads/61-Garage-door-sensor-(using-a-DW10)

Rive’s suggestion is a great solution. I would suggest using an RE201 instead of the DW10 if you are in a climate that gets very cold (stays well under 32 degrees for extended periods) due to its specs. Another benefit, if you have two garage doors, one RE201 can cover both doors individually as it has two wired inputs.

Yeah the above reed switch/dw10 combo works best on an attached garage…

I actually use a DW10 and wired contact on my own garage door, so it’s just a matter of what your location demands.