2GIG CO Detector Low Battery

My 2GIG CO monitor (which has never worked properly) is reporting a low battery condition. Can you remove it from my system remotely so the sounder no longer is active?

Thank you.

Remotely removing the sensor will stop the beeping at the panel but it will not stop the sensor from notifying with its local sounder. This must be handled locally. The best thing to do in this case, if you do not wish to use this device, is to remove it from your panel programming and power it down by removing the batteries and/or physically removing it from its location.

To clarify, when you say the unit has never worked properly, do you get a lot of low battery notifications? have you had reports from a second CO detector but not this one? False Alarms? How old is this CO detector? Keep in mind they have a 5 year life.

Purchased from you about 2 years ago, requires new batteries every 2-3 months. Should have RMA’ed didn’t. Others work fine. No false alarms. Unfortunately I live 900 miles away from this house, so that is why I opened a support ticket, now closed by SuretyDYI. I need this removed from my system by you, I can get someone to pull the batteries, but need to turn off the sounder at the panel as home is on the market and don’t want to frighten real estate agents. This kind of request should be handled by a phone call or via a ticket, not on a public forum.

We do not perform remote programming of systems, new sensors, etc., and suretyDIY technical support and guidance are handled here on our forum. As a DIY service our first efforts are to provide the ability and knowledge for the user to be able to resolve any issue if able.

I understand if you are unable to access however, and we can delete the device. I have done so now. Please allow a few minutes for the change to take effect.