2GIG Cellular Communication Issue


I received an AT&T cell module for my panel on Friday – I installed it and everything worked fine. I was able to access alarm.com and arm and disarm my panel with no issue. Saturday night I noticed a panel connection error on alarm.com and when I returned home, it was beeping for a cell connection and radio status is red. I reran the test to no avail and followed the troubleshooting instructions on your website. After 10 minutes, it still fails the cell phone test.

The confusing part is that it was working fine the first day and was totally unusable the next. What do you think could be the issue here?

Any help is appreciated.


I am seeing a delay in acknowledgments as well as the bare minimum for signaling with your panel. You may want to attempt moving the panel to a new location, preferably close to an external wall and re running the cell test.

You may want to power cycle the panel (unplug power supply then battery, wait 2 minutes then plug in battery then power supply) and run a cell test as this process may clear up signaling issues. You should also check to ensure that the antenna that is attached to the cellular module is properly connected.

During the cell test look for any error messages the panel might display as well. After these steps are you getting better signal?

Hi! Thanks for the response! I took the panel down and found that when I installed the cellular module, I attached it to the pre-existing antenna (not realizing that my prior cellular module was by Verizon). After I switched out the Verizon antenna for the AT&T antenna, I was able to regain signal and successfully complete a cell test. No problems since.

Thank you!

The antenna is always a good place to start if you’re having communication issues. Glad to help!