2gig cell module stopped functioning

Saw an alert on my panel stating it could no longer connect to service. I pulled the battery and powered the device off then back on but did not help. And now the cell phone test option is no longer available in the panel. Is my module dead?

If the cell phone test button used to be there and now it’s missing then the 2GIG panel isn’t seeing the cell module. It might be dead. Try powering completely down, gently removing the module and then re-seating it back in the panel. Be careful about static, of course. If, after doing so and powering back up, the panel still isn’t seeing the module then the module probably needs replaced.

Thanks for the quick response. Just tried what you suggested and no change. How do I go about getting a replacement? Believe its still under warranty as I purchased the whole system in July.

It sounds like your module needs replacing. I’ll reach out to your regarding the return procedure for suretyDIY. Just for reference, this is our return policy.