2GIG as Secondary Controller


I have a veralite controller setup as the primary zwave controller and successfully setup the 2gig as a secondary controller, however the devices do not appear in the Smart Home section on the 2gig. I do see the two thermostats in Alarm.com. Shouldn’t they also appear in the 2Gig?

It looks like this is regarding a GC3 panel. We do not have a lot of info on Primary-secondary interactions with the GC3 yet, and it is not something that is officially supported by the manufacturer since it also relies on the versions and firmware of third party equipment, but yes, generally you should see them in the GC3 as well.

What model of thermostats are you using?

It seems strange they would be visible on ADC, but when you paired the GC3 to the Vera, did you have the two controllers within a few feet of one another? This is necessary and they should be left within that proximity for a while until the process is complete.

Resetting the controller (system settings - installer code - smart home settings - advanced settings) and then trying to perform the Learn Controller function again is a good troubleshooting step.