2gig and Honeywell 5820L Enroll as other?

I was able to pickup a couple Ademco / Honeywell 5820L slimline window sensors and I wanted to add them to my system.

When looking through the available contacts list cheat sheet I see

0637 Honeywell D/W 5816

I was wondering should I enroll my 5820L as the 5816 or choose Other?

I have never used an Other before and I don’t know how Unique the settings are for Honeywell if I enrolled as a different contact if it would cause failure on activation

or more important if it did enroll … would cause intermittent problems down the line.

what do you guys think?

I would “0637 Honeywell D/W 5816” or “existing door/window contact”. If you select “Other” it may skip appropriate programming questions.

Thats what I was thinking too amanda it might not give me all the options.

thank I will try and report back

: )

So… I enrolled the Ademco 5820L Slimline Door Window Contacts as

0637 Honeywell D/W 5816

The RF ID was picked up when I pressed Learn.

All the normal questions were available.

Seems to work well.

Thanks again Amanda for the push in the right direction.
It seemed like the right thing but its always good to get
someone elses thoughts.


Oh also I enrolled some DW 10’s at the same time.
They were set up as 2 loops with an external contact.

Worked well

When you learn the wired external it automatically chooses loop 1.
They are a quality maker contact
Honeywell 945T-WH … but the magnets are pretty weak compared to a DW10 magnet.

They are on Ganged Windows just an inch apart so $3.50 a contact vs $35 a contact makes good sense… at least in my pocket it does.

Should work though… I guess lighter means less chance to fall off the window… maybe

thanks again.