24/7 Video Camera Notifications


I wanted to inquire about video notifications for 24/7 recording. A few months ago, I had a few alarm.com cams and the video analytics service. One of the reasons why I removed them was because the delay between an event happening and being notified about it was not great. By the time I get the notification and check the live feed, the person, vehicle, etc is already gone.

My question is if I were to do the SVR and 24/7 video recording, would that decrease the delay? Google Nest alerts are near instantaneous with ai processing and 24/7 recording so I’m hoping alarm.com is on parity neither this so I could switch back for the overall system integration.

since I have the SVR and that analytics, I can tell you there is no change in the notifications with the SVR, but having the 24/7 recording is nice. If the SVR had the same analytics that alarm.com has, that would make it sweet and instant.

Notifications are generated through recording schedules with options to add the video clip to the notification. The overall goal of the notification is to alert the user to recorded video, automatically capture the relevant event.

The notification reporting a recorded event then is sent after the recording is complete, usually 30-60 seconds depending on what type of recording schedule it is, with option to add that clip to the notification.

We’ve heard once or twice before a request to get two notifications essentially, one immediately when motion is detected linking to live view, and one after the recording. I’ll send this request to ADC as a feature enhancement.

With this feature enhancement request, can it be setup to where a user could choose one or both? In my case, I’d rather have the immediate motion notification vs the recorded one

That’s very good information, thanks for sharing.
We currently use ring doorbell and cameras. They provide instant notification of motion, but you cannot see the clip until it is uploaded to the cloud, which takes about a minute or so.
I think we will stick with ring until ADC offers more options related to notifications (and I’d like to see what the new adc doorbell offers).

I agree with u I have ring all together at my main home and the ring doorbell and video is little bit better than alarm.com and which my parents and grandmothers both have alarm.com installed and the alarm.com video just isn’t advanced as the ring I don’t think

I wouldn’t be able to say exactly what might be implemented by ADC, but I will send over your preference as a request. Feature requests are a common driver of development, and they more they get asked the more likely it is to be added.

News on this topic. Alarm.com has notified us that in the near future (sounds like a few weeks) Video Analytics notifications will start to be sent upon detection of a person, vehicle or animal instead of after clip upload. This significantly shortens the time between object detection and notification. These notifications will now link directly to the Live View section of the app.

If you would prefer to receive the recorded clip still simply choose the “Attach a Video Clip” option in the notification rule which will then make it so the notification goes out after the upload and contains that clip.

My apologies on the delay in response. I appreciate the update. Currently, I don’t have the video analytics service, but I am curious to know if any customer can verify if this is working. If so, this would sway me back into video analytics.

Yes, that is how the notifications work. If you select Attach a Video Clip the notification will go out after the recording, otherwise it will go out when detection occurs.

Great, thank you for confirming!

I can confirm I get a notification the second AI detects a person vehicle or animal. See the attached photo for what the notificayion and attached still image look like

Thank you! This is great news.