2 way voice testing

I have tested the alarm system with the central station and they have
received the alarms. Neither person I spoke to knew how to test my
two way voice system inside the house. Can you tell me how we can
test this to verify it is working?

What Control Panel are you working with?

I am using a Concord 4 and have 4 of the 60-677 Interrogator Audio Verification modules in various parts of the house. Thanks Jay

There is one spot in programming which needs its default values changed before the panel will call out for two way voice.

Enter panel programming. Select Audio Verification. Turn ON Audio Verify for Partition 1.

Exit, saving changes. Then test with an alarm event.

Thanks for this, I made the above change and set off the alarm. The alarm silenced for about 20-30 seconds then I received a call. The operator said they tried the 2way voice system but did not receive a response (this is when the alarm silenced I am thinking).

Is the above the only change that should need to be made for the 2way voice to work? I will verify my wiring and see if there is another way to test. Thanks for your help.

That should be the only necessary change in programming.

I can verify that the panel did make a call out for 2 Way Voice.

Is this a new installation of the audio equipment and otherwise untested?

It is a semi new install, I had to replace the main Concord 4 circuit board due to not having the dealer code. It is unknown if it worked correctly before I replaced the board.

It is a fairly large system with over 50 sensors, 4 keypads and the 4 voice modules.

I will verify my wiring this weekend, something may not be connected correctly.

Also, for now, if I turn the Audio Verification OFF, this will kill the two way voice correct? The central station will not see the option for two way voice I mean. Thanks.

Yes, if you return the programming section in Audio Verification back to OFF for partition 1 your panel will not call out using 2way. Your panel needs to initiate the call.