2-Way Voice Testing Issue

When testing 2-Way Voice with the central station, operators did not communicate over 2-way until until after the code word was put into the panel. Why would this be?

Happy to assist!

A couple things to note here, Dialer Delay is currently set for 30 seconds at the panel. This would add 30 seconds to response time. We do not recommend using Dialer Delay. This can be changed on a sensor by sensor basis.

This is a delay after an alarm is caused by a sensor on the local system and the alarm signal being forwarded to the central station. Alarm.com still receives this immediately as a pending alarm signal, then awaits a disarm or a confirmed alarm signal.

In order to adjust this on the 2GIG panel, press the logo on the lower right hand corner of the screen and enter the Installer Code. Press System Configuration then then Scroll to the sensor in question. Press down until you find “Select RF Sensor Dialer Delay” and set to disabled. Now that the change is made, click Next, Skip, End and Exit, saving changes.

Additionally, Test signals will be treated at a lower priority than valid alarm signals. As such, there may be a delay in operator response when in Test Mode and we recommend testing the system more than once.