2 Way Voice Error


I just switched my 2GIG GC2 over to Surety and the 2 way voice does not seem to be working. I enabled the feature via MySurety system manager, and on the panel itself. It worked with my old provider so I am not sure what the issue could be. I purchased the Verizon LTE chip and installed both antennas as the manual demonstrates. I called and tried to test it, however the operator said they were not able to connect. Any ideas on what the issue could be?



Hi! I am happy to help.

I am actually investigating a separate report of a two way issue on a 2GIG GC2 panel, and it looks like your call history in ADC indicates the same result occurred.

Ultimately it looks like the call from the panel to operators was dropped when or before operators attempted to connect, or operators were otherwise unable to pick up the call.

Signal strength takes a couple weeks to get a good overall expectation of where it should be for your location, but the results I see now look solid.

I’ll include your account in the investigation with ADC and our monitoring station which should help us identify any pattern. I will follow up here shortly!

Alright, I have spoken with our support folks at the monitoring station, and they have indicated that they have recently discovered this same issue, specifically occurring on 2GIG GC2 Panels with Verizon LTE modules.

It appears the cell carrier may have made a change which affects the DTMF tones. Alarm.com and our Monitoring Station are in the process of testing and implementing a fix. I do not have an ETA, but it is being actively addressed at this time, and we will update you here when resolved.

In the meantime, Two Way Voice can either be temporarily disabled in your System Manager, or you can leave it active but operators may have difficulty connecting for a short time.

This issue ended up being a carrier-caused problem with Verizon modules and our monitoring station implemented some updates to fix this issue. It should be resolved at this time.


I am still having the same issue. 2 way voice is still not functional.

Thank you for following up! I have heard a similar report from another user and we have forwarded this to the monitoring station. I apologize it does look like there may be a lingering issue. I’m going to be speaking with our monitoring team today and will follow up here with info!

Hi any update on this?

The monitoring station team has been testing on a couple local systems. They believe they have an idea of what might be causing the issue (appears to be intermittent and related to how quickly the alarm scenario is resolved/panel disarmed and carrier delay)

It would actually help if we were able to see some more tests from users who have experienced this issue. Would you mind testing an alarm scenario, letting the system stay in alarm state for a few minutes before disarming?

Let me know if you would be willing to set off an alarm, and I can place your account on two way voice test mode, or you can call the professional monitoring station (855-348-0367) and have them place the account in two way voice test mode.

After running the test, let us know. We can then go over the data and timestamps from Alarm.com, Verizon, and the monitoring station.

So I have good news! It was really hard to pinpoint, but our monitoring team has discovered the potential issue hidden in the receiver software they use which was likely causing the issues with Two Way Voice specific to Alarm.com. They are applying what they believe should fully resolve this issue today within a couple hours. Can you please try at your convenience testing two way voice anytime after this afternoon?

EDIT: Well, it appears this has been reverted as they found a secondary bug caused by the changes. This will be updated and the fix redeployed in about 2 weeks.