2 Issues

Just recently i am getting two problems with my alarm:

Smoke/Heat (14) - Malfunction

  • Says loss of communication? But i can hit the button the detector and it works so its not out of batteries

Front Entrance - Tampering

  • This is one of my image sensors, i reset everything but keeps happening :frowning:

Does the smoke error show “loss of Supervision?” If your smoke is reporting loss of supervision, it means the routine supervision signals between it and the panel are dropping. How far is the sensor from the panel? This is also common on systems with a large number of sensors.

Is the Image Sensor located on the same wall as the door? How close?

yeah it was loss of supervision. And really they aren’t that far away from each other. The smoke detector is in the next room. i have a ranch. so its in the laundry area and the detectors about 16 feet away?

And the Front entrance i actually moved even closer. Image sensors aren’t mounted just sitting on a wine fridge right now lOL.

If memory serves, the image sensors have a tamper circuit that’s based on the sensor itself being moved. I wonder if the cycling of the wine fridge is enough for it to set that off.

Image Sensors will tamper any time the surface it is resting on is disturbed. It is not recommended for shelf etc.

Have you tested the smoke detector to make sure it is signalling? Did you hold the test button to initiate a fire signal at the panel? Make sure to put your account in test mode first