"2 Issues" in Alarm.com app

I have several days of “2 Issues” message appearing in the android Alarm.Com app regarding unable to connect to my two cameras. This started after an internet outage that has since been resolved. I can see the video from both cameras in the app while connected to my wifi and also to LTE. I have power cycled the cameras and and the ADC camera wifi gateway the cameras are connected to as recommended in the app troubleshooting steps but the “2 Issues” message does not disappear for several days. I tried logging out of the app and clearing the app cache but that does not resolve the messages. The app recommends I give support the following info:

Device Name: Downstairs
MAC: [removed by admin]

Device Name: Upstairs
MAC: [removed by admin]

I see those devices had not begun responding to supervision pings. I just manually sent a couple pings to the cameras and they responded quickly. That error message should be gone now.

Thanks, that did resolve the error messages, but now one has recurred. I got the following text from Alarm.com:
The “Upstairs” Video Device is not responding to remote requests as of 11:49 am.
I didn’t do anything to the camera to trigger it.

There may indeed be some connectivity issues with the cameras. They did fail a supervision attempt to put them into the failure status, and yes, another supervision ping was automatically sent and it failed again for that Upstairs camera.

I tried testing that one again and it does come back as disconnected currently. The first thing I would do is reboot the router, then reboot that camera.

Does the device connectivity come back right away?

Just to be clear, I couldn’t see any connectivity problems on my end. Even after your last reply in which you said the upstairs camera came back as disconnected I could still see live video from it on the alarm. Com app. I just rebooted the cable modem, the wired router and the ADC smart Gateway then the camera. Can still pull up the live video. Could you try pinging the camera again? Maybe the reboot of the wired router and the cable modem fixed it I hope.

Yep, it did come back online there, however I just got notification that Alarm.com is reporting an operations alert regarding video. Looks like they are noticing more widespread video connectivity issues right now which is being worked on. This is likely related.