2 Gig TS1

Hi I just purchased a TS1 for my security system. However I was unable to pair it with the panel because of firmware issues. My TS1 is running firmware version 1.13 and my panel is 1.10.1. I have suretyCAM for my service provider and was wondering if I could get an over the air update. Thank you.

You may be SOL, last I heard, 1.13 wasn’t yet available for ADC OTA update… (and if it is available, it isn’t free). Maybe that has changed.

You should get the cable, and do the free updates. v1.14 is coming soon I hear (within next few months or so).


Firmware update cable:

Firmware download:

V1.13 firmware is actually not available yet over the air, that is correct. It would need to be updated manually at this time.

I can check for an ETA on OTA availability.

In general we recommend updating locally. It is more controlled, takes less time, and the firmware is free so you can keep your equipment updated whenever new firmware is released.


ok thank you