2 gig panel signal pinging

Does the 2 gig panel ping hourly to the central station to ensure that the system is communicating properly? If not is there a way to program this without having to place the system on test?

Thank you

No pinging. Q23 radio modem network failure time (in minutes), default is 30 min.

Q23 is configurable for whatever you want it to be. If set to 30 min, and connectivity is lost for more than that panel goes into trouble for network failure.

Yes. You do not need to place system on test prior to programming.

The radio module communicates regularly to send status to Alarm.com and to let Alarm.com know it’s OK. It happens automatically, you don’t have to program it. The radio modem network failure time on the 2GIG is similar but that’s on the 2GIG side to notify you of a communication failure, the Alarm.com side is automatic.