2.5.4 upgrade error

I upgraded my panel to 2.5.4 and now on the Home Screen under active sensors it shows my indoor powerg siren with a spinning circle beside of it. What does this mean and what to I do to stop it?

I don’t know that that’s an actual error indication. I usually get the same indication on S-Line and/or PowerG sensors shortly after certain firmware updates and then it goes away in a few minutes and everything is functional.

I’ve always taken it to mean that the applicable radio and/or device was either undergoing a firmware update, or simply re-establishing communications.

How long has it been doing that following the update? If it’s been a long time, any chance there could be a communication issue with the device in question (is it your only PowerG device, or are there others that are working fine)…?

So come to find out my panel didnt take the update and upon trying again it took and everything is back to normal. Maybe it was a board update like you said

I know when I have updated or even power cycled the panel it will come up that as it looks for the devices again