10-15 second delay in sensor activity push notifications

I set up push notifications in the alarm.com iOS app to send a push notification whenever a door sensor opens. While the panel chimes as soon as the sensor opens, it takes at least 10-15 seconds before I get the push notification for the door opening.

Push notifications from other apps and services work on my phone in a timely manner (instantly). Is there anything I can do to troubleshoot this? I was hoping to rely heavily on push notifications since I always have my phone with me but will definitely not always be around the panel.

The panel gets the signal from the sensor first, so local notification from the panel will be near instantaneous. 10-15 seconds to get the push is not outside of normal behaviour but it is on a bit long.

Push notifications come from ADC. So the signal needs to travel from the sensor, to the panel, then from the panel to ADC servers and onward as the desired notification.

Notifications can be slower if the alarm panel signalling is low, or if the signalling on the device receiving the notification is low.

Try power cycling the phone/tablet.

Then disable the notification through Alarm.com, wait five mintues, then re-enable it. After enabling it, test by opening a sensor to verify when a push notification is received.

None of these seem to be solving my issue. I’m fairly certain other app push notifications are nearly instantaneous, so I don’t think it’s a connectivity issue with my phone. If I open and close a door sensor manually, I’m seeing it take even longer now than initially reported — sometimes a couple minutes now go by, and sometimes it feels like I’m not even getting notifications for some actions.

Should I be worried that this may also be indicative of how slowly a real alarm might reach the monitoring center? Cell coverage in my home isn’t great, and the panel is located in as good a spot for signal as exists in the house (second floor by window).

The next thing you will want to do is do a full power down of the alarm system. To do so:

  1. Navigate to settings > Advanced Settings > Power Down
  2. Once off, unplug the power supply from the wall
  3. Open the panel and disconnect the internal battery.
  4. Leave the whole panel off for about 2 minutes, then power up, battery first followed by power supply.
  5. Wait about 5 minutes for the panel to boot up, then test. Any change?

You can test system response times with the central station by calling operators at 855-348-0367. Tell them you want to place your account on test to test alarm signal times. You will likely need your monitoring account verbal passcode for this test.