How do I go about linking my zwave devises to my account?

Z-Wave devices will typically auto populate in your account after learning them into your panel. If they do not auto populate after a period of time, you can request us to run an update. At this time, commands have been run to populate the z-wave devices in your account. I am seeing a few, but not all of the devices are populating properly. To better assist you, what are the model numbers of the z-wave devices you are using?

Note that any time you add new Z-Wave devices to your system, you will want to run a z-wave network rediscovery to map and repair the routes of all those devices learned in to your panel.

You may find this page useful as it covers a lot of the ins and outs of pairing and installing z-wave devices.

Ok, all the Zwaves are now populated but names are correct on panel but not in app
How do I change names of the switches on the app

Z-wave device names will not sync between the panel and ADC, but you can rename those with more specific names in by logging into the website and navigating to Settings > Devices > Automation Devices. The names will be used in all notifications and the app.