ZWave hub, WiFi and 2GIG GC3e

Hi all, I am very unfamiliar with Zwave hubs, so hoping someone can help me here. I currently have an August door lock that is connected to my panel via Zwave. I would like to upgrade it to the new version of lock that August will be releasing soon, but it does not have Zwave. Is there any hub that would allow me to connect the lock to the hub via WiFi and have it act as a Zwave bridge to the panel?

Thanks in advance!

Unfortunately no this is not possible with secondary controllers and there are no specialty products that can do this that I am aware of. Z-wave controllers do not send commands between one another, so you would never be able to send a command to say a Smartthings hub from can only affect the alarm panel, and the panel can only affect the compatible devices in its device list.