I have updated the firmware, completed the cell test and then did a walk test called central station they cannot see any on my 16 zones. I did #2 and 3 again and again CS cannot see zone only see a manual test kick off and nothing behind it, shows all the correct activity.

Ah. Ok. After running the cell phone test, you should be able to log in on and test the connection remotely. Dependent on what service you have and if you have activity monitoring activated for your sensor, you’ll have different capabilities in seeing current activity of those sensors, regardless of whether or not your alarm is armed and/or activated.

The central station, however, does not have visibility to sensor activity monitoring. They are privy, obviously, to security monitoring on the sensors. The station should see activity if and when tripping your sensor has set off the alarm. If they don’t, I’d think it likely that the sensor either had “no response type” programmed or the “reports” option disabled. The central station will not, however, be able to see activity on a walk test or other sensor activity not associated with alarm activity.

Per what Amanda is saying above, you can check and verify the sensor programming here, and make sure they are all programmed correctly.

If 2GIG:

All zones and descriptors must be give to central station data entry. You must have your acct# ready when you call.

Copy/Download what is listed on your “sensors” tab on
Call 800-879-1438
Ask for “Data Entry”

give them all zones as shown on panel/ADC.

example, if RF sensor number 1 is front door…and sensor number 2 is back door, sensor 10 living room window, keyfob 1 sensor 51, front entey ts1 touchpad (keypad 1) sensor 59, etc. You will do it like so…

zone 1 front door
zone 2 backdoor
zone 10 living room window
zone 51 keyfob #1
zone 59 front entry keypad (fixed panic)

Then, have system placed on test with central station, and arm panel away, and and activate all zones, then verify they are correctly recieved by central station.

Then, have system taken off test.


Additionally, the initial zone list is updated by us as soon as we receive communication from the panel with your equipment list. After that, if any changes are made to the zone list (added, deleted, or name changes) it would be best to either let us or the central station know about he changes so we can update the zone list accordingly.

Thanks everyone. Jay all equipment was in when it communicated at first is there a way to verify it uploaded correctly? It all looks fine I have not called and done data entry but will do that if needed…

I just double checked on everything and have updated the equipment list with the Central Station, no need to do that. I would make sure you have the dialer delay disabled for each sensor, or if you’d prefer to have a dialer delay, make sure you’re waiting for the alarm to go off past the dialer delay time out.