Z-wave questions

After having added Kwikset 910 problems, reset Zwave list on my 2gig CP1 and relearned list as secondary controller from my primary Z-Stick. All devices (lock, 2 stats, 3 switches) seemed to add successfully to 2gig list but have yet to upload to ADC emPower list after 3 days now. This after also clicking the manual “Update” link on the emPower > Devices page a few times.

The same devices (yet no lock added yet) as Seconday listed and worked just fine under ADC for months prior. Would adding the lock and then the re-learn cause all devices to now fail listing in ADC? I have already done a Cell Test as forums mentioned. Consistent 21 of 30 signal. Will a Go!Bridge help here?

For now do you guys have a more advanced method of pulling up the device list via cell?

And on the subject of the Kwikset 910 - the Z-Stick always unlcoks it fine. However, trying to even get device info from CP1 fails (despite blue, not yellow status) even when woken. So is my Kwikset doomed for never being unlockable from secondary CP1 or via online ADC? Does the new 1.13 f/w help for this at all?

The Kwikset 910 has had full compatibility with 2GIG for quite some time now. I do not think newer firmwares have specifically improved communication with that model, but in general, bug fixes and additional compatibility comes with every release, so it is always beneficial to upgrade.

I have sent a command to update the equipment and it looks like everything is showing up on our end including the lock. Can you verify?

With regard to the CP1 vs the ZStick, this is all determined by many factors. When you test, a few feet of difference between the Zstick and the CP1 is enough to change the outcome. Do you have many repeating nodes in between the lock and the control panel? What kind of distance is there between the two?

Wow, did not take you long to get the device list pulled up! All expected devices are there including the lock. Curious, what was “stuck” that I could not get the emPower module to manually update the list.

As for the Kwikset - Once it was added I could see battery level was down to 10%. Fresh batteries and the CP1 (and ADC) can query it now for lock state, so all is well there now. Thanks!

Z-wave devices typically take a while to show up on ADC after you have added them. If we request an updated equipment list it can expedite the process a bit. Glad to hear you’re squared away now.