Z-Wave Questions and Issues

I am having problems with a door lock reporting low battery (with fresh installed) and my upstairs thermostat not being picked up. I suspect it has something to do with my z-wave signal but am not sure how to access my z-wave main controller to view status, etc. I have a concord 4 system

How far away from the Z-Wave hub is the lock? How far to the nearest powered repeater? I am not seeing a low battery reporting on the door lock currently, can you confirm?

A limitation with the Concord 4 is the inability to run a Z-Wave Network Rediscovery locally. This should be run once you have finished learning in Z-Wave devices and they are in their install locations. Unfortunately, only your dealer (us) can run those commands. Z-Wave Network Rediscovery commands have been run at this time however. Please allow about five minutes for commands to take effect.

Is the thermostat operating on battery only? What is the Make/Model of the thermostat?

Since I posted I just rebooted the panel based on a post I found in the forum and the low battery seams to have cleared. I am about to check the upstairs thermostat and see if that fixed the issue. I have a repeater about 8 ft from lock.

Thermostats were from a previous vivent system .

It appears as though everything is communicating as it should, can you confirm? Also, if you are unsure of the make/model of the upstairs Z-wave TSTAT, you can post a picture here as well if necessary.

Are you able to control the TSTAT remotely?