Z-Wave Plus (Gen 5)?

Does the Qolsys panel support Z-Wave Plus?

I currently have a Simon XT panel and occasionally have issues with a light sensor that’s not that far away. Have been thinking that I may upgrade to the Qolsys panel, and with Z-Wave Plus devices was hopeful of no issues with the extended range.

Haven’t been able to find anything that definitively says the Qolsys panel supports Plus.


Qolsys is not zwave plus certified as far as I know.

Remember that Z-wave is a mesh network. Adding a repeating device between the panel and that light switch then running a network rediscovery will improve communication

Thanks. Yep, there are ways to fix things, but the Qolsys panel seems like a great upgrade from the Simon XT so figured that I might explore the upgrade.

So the Qolsys panel does not currently natively support Z-Wave Plus?

When I see the announcements by Qolsys of new Z-Wave Plus devices and they mention “Plus” in the announcements, thought maybe the panel might have been upgraded to support Plus.

Which then causes me to think that maybe they’re working on a new panel with the Gen5 chipset and that maybe I should wait. Assuming Plus needs new hardware in the panel?

Also, anyone know if the range for Z-Wave is better in the Qolsys panel vs the Simon XT panel? Same question for non Z-Wave regular sensors.

Thanks all.

If you don’t see this sticker/image in/on the Qolsys panel (or 2GIG) then it is not Plus certified.

When I see the announcements by Qolsys of new Z-Wave Plus devices and they mention “Plus” in the announcements

Devices can be Z-wave plus certified and work fine with a non-Z-wave plus controller, you just don’t get the benefits because the devices default then to standard Z-wave protocol. Plus devices are sort of “Future Proof”

The IQ is not plus certified that I know of either unless newer revisions of the panel have had that hardware upgrade. It is possible. I’ll have to check with Qolsys.

Z-wave range is fairly predictable no matter the controller (unless it is Zwave Plus, of course). The best way to improve range is repeating devices.

Thanks Jason.

Yep, I was assuming that the original/existing panels were not Plus certified but figured that I’d double check, and I’m certainly curious if there has been a revision to add the capability, or if not, if one is planned, or maybe there will be a v2 panel at some point that fully supports Plus.

The panel also seems to support 59 regular alarm sensors (non Z-Wave), with the Simon XT only supporting 39, so was looking forward to that as well, in addition to just the major benefits of the Qolsys panel, but figured that I’d wait until I was sure that Plus was supported since I’ll have the panel for years.

Thanks again for all the insight.

There are certainly additional benefits to the IQ panel.

Note that Zwave does have specific device based limitations on The IQ panel, with a max number of lights, locks, thermostats set in the settings of the panel.

I’ll double check with the Qolsys team when they are open (west coast) and see if plus is in the works.