Z-Wave Malfunction Issues

We keep getting malfunctions on different devices. It states that they are offline, not sure what is causing them to go offline.

Happy to assist!

I’m showing 6 z-wave devices all with a malfunction status. Are they all getting power currently? How are these devices powered? Have these devices been working previously?

If they are getting power, when was the last time you ran a network rediscovery at the panel? This is something you will want to do every time you add or remove a z-wave device to/from your network. Even if you move a plug in z-wave device, you’ll want to run a network rediscovery when finished. This video will show you how to run a rediscovery. This is important as it helps map out the mesh network to find the best communication path for your devices. Does running a rediscovery fix your issue?

How far away is the nearest device from the panel? How far away is each device from one another? Z-Wave is a mesh network and is stronger when devices are closer together and communicating within their operating range.

Has any work been done to the house recently? Environmental factors such as metal can disrupt the signal between devices.