Yale lock question

We’ve added a Yale Digital Lock to our 2Gig GoControl system via Z-Wave. It shows up on Alarm.com under emPower devices, but it doesn’t give us the ability to add/edit user codes. We also don’t see the “rules” tab. And activity of battery ok was detected when lock was added, but no other activity (lock/unlock, user code, etc) is being reported.
When we activated Z-Wave on the 2Gig panel, none of the options allowed us to enable rules (ie. 2 = “remote access disabled” or 3 = “remote access enabled, rules disabled”). It is set on 3 now.

We have requested an updated equipment list to fully sync the lock with Alarm.com. Wait 10 minutes, then log out and log back into your app and test the lock. Does this now function?

Just logged out and logged back into alarm.com online, and there’s no change. This is all I see: https://www.evernote.com/l/AAPJSqaTHS5O24EfLDCXsLH4ovkfodeHNHoB/image.png There’s no lock activity being recorded, and no ability to configure the lock or set rules remotely.

Alright, please try one more time. You should be up and running.

Thank you, confirmed that everything is working now. Appreciate the rapid response.