Works 5/7 days

I have a myq hub lift master with a genie garage opener, alarm.Com app through AS Security. A Cisco router, and time Warner internet. My router is wireless, and my phone connects to it as far as around the corner from my house. While at home, I have 50 ip addresses I allow to receive ip addresses from my secured wireless network. I occupy a total of 5 of these at any given time. This includes my phone, my wife’s phone, my tablet, my wife’s laptop, and the myq hub. The only device having trouble is the myq hub. I call, they say call ASG. I call Chamberlain, they say they don’t like me using the app, and to use theirs. ASG doesn’t know what the heck is going on, but is willing to replace the device again. This product is crap. Just buy a garage opener with an app included with the purchase. I really hate companies nowadays who want to blame anything but their products. You guys need to invest into making a robust product.

You guys need to invest into making a robust product.

You realize Surety is not, or Liftmaster, right? They are a dealer just like ASG (just smarter, less expensive, and with better support).

We are not, Liftmaster, Chamberlain, or ASG. We did not manufacture the product or app. We are an dealer, as is your current security provider.

This is a technical support forum for DIYers. We are happy to help, however, if you describe the issue you are having.

Is your MyQ unit having trouble connecting to your home’s wireless LAN? Is it maintaining a local connection but having trouble receiving remote commands?

Keep in mind when using the app to set up MyQ, it is simply linking your account to an automatically created MyQ account which handled commands directly. The response of “use the Chamberlain app” strikes as a bit of a cop-out by support personnel who gave it.