Wiring question

I’m installing three panels for my 2Gig system, a Go!Control and two TS1s, plus one wired sirens.

Was planning to use 18/2, going to wire into the attic and then run to the garage. The runs will be from 25 to 40 or 45 feet. Transformers say it’s 14V at 1700mA and I’m assuming that I’ll have about a 6% loss in the runs.

Will there be any issues?

It’s common to power the 2GIG panel with 22/2. You might as well use 18/2 if you are running a new cable but I’ve seen many installations that used existing 22awg keypad wire to power the panel and they work fine at distances around 20-30ft. Even further if you use all 4 conductors of the 22/4 keypad cable and double them up. I’ve also seen a 2GIG panel run on 12V. I know one DIYer off the top of my head that powers his 2GIG panel with the 12V aux power from his previous panel and it’s been working fine for 2+ years, though I do not recommend doing that! I don’t know what the minimum voltage is but I guess probably around 12V.