Wireless Wall Switch Hack - Using ADC Sensor Activity

Lighting is moving toward automated controls and multifunction wall controllers, but for those still interested in the good old fashioned switch, here is an easy way to use Zwave lights, 2Gig, and Alarm.com to create a wireless switch for any Zwave lights in the house.

Cool idea. I’m researching hacking up an outdoor motion sensor using the transmitter. I’d like to get an alert when motion is detected in my yard, but I don’t want to spend $150 to do so.

How big of a yard do you need to cover? Perhaps look into the Optex LX-402?

I basically need to cover two separate 20x100 areas that form an L shape with my shed in the corner. I’m going to check on the LX-402 because it is half the price of other outdoor motion sensors I’ve seen recommended. I assume anything with an N/C screw terminal should work with the 2GIG door/window transmitter.

A long narrow space like that would be difficult to completely cover in an inexpensive way.

The LX-402 has a stated range of about 40-50 feet.

But yes, as long as there is a normally closed contact closure on board the device, it would work.