Wired Garage Door not working

Hello I was able to get my side entrance door to work with a dw10 345 wired to it, however I am struggling with the actual garage door itself, which showed open but now I cant get it to show anything. I put the loop back to 2 and used the magnet and it worked, but cant get it to work wired. Can you take a look at the programming for it please for my riverhouse account…thanks

The wired input on the DW10 uses loop 1 and the reed switch in the DW10 uses loop 2. What is the use case in this scenario? You are trying to track status of the roll up garage door via the DW10?

Hi Tyler, yes I am trying to track the roll up of the garage door.

What are you wiring to the DW10?

The roll up garage door…

Sorry, here is a pic

I believe it is the one on your site…Miniature Overhead Door Switch (4532L)

Thank you for the pic!

The device labelled garage door appears to be set up correctly in the back end for this set up, aside from not having and Equipment Code listed which should be existing door/window

The magnet looks to be in the right place on the door and the gap between the 4532L reed switch and the magnet looks to be well under 2". Is the wiring firmly attached?

Weird it was working before, I will check the connections again. As to the equipment code listed it shows door window contact on my panel…specifically the dw10

So if I remove the wires connected to the sensor, in the walk test mode, it triggers the garage door. When I connect the wires again, it triggers the garage door, however when I try it opening and closing the garage, it does not work.

Run was either to long or broken inbetween. I connected it directly to the 4532L and it worked…thanks for your help…

That’s great to hear!