Window Sensor Doesn't Work

Hopefully I am doing something dumb here. I added a new DW10 window sensor to my system and the darn thing will not sense being closed. I know it is paired because after I reboot my panel it shows all sensors closed, but then when I close this DW10 the panel immediately shows it as open. At that point nothing I do makes it go back to closed. I have the sensor unmounted and have tried the magnet all over it so I don’t think it is a position issue. I’m also doing this 5 feet from the panel so not a range issue. What else can I try?

I tried to delete the zone and start from scratch but realized I don’t know how to delete a zone (separate but related question)

Sounds like you didn’t install it properly (wrong loop maybe)

How to remove sensor:

How to program dw10:

What loop is the sensor programmed on? It should be set as loop 2. If the DW-10 is programmed in as loop one, it will open up, but then never close again.

As far as deleting a zone goes, all you need to generally need to do is change the zone type to unused and it will be deleted from the system.

The only difference is with Image sensors. To delete those, you need to change all of the fields to default settings in order to completely delete the sensor from the 2GIG panel.

I totally had it set to loop 1 - haven’t tried changing to 2 yet but optimistic that will fix it.

Can you help me understand the loops? For some reason I had it in my head that loop 2 was for wired sensors.

When it comes to wireless sensors, loops are just how the sensors communicate their status to the control panel. Certain sensors can have more than one loop associated with them because they communicate different things depending on the loop the panel is programmed to listen to. For instance, the 2GIG-SMKT3 can use 3 different loops to communicate smoke detection, heat detection, and freeze detection. The 2GIG-DW10-345 can use loop one to transmit the status of a wired contact that is connected to it while loop 2 communicates the status of the wireless contact itself.

This is a link to the 2GIG cheat sheet that has a description of some of the loops different sensors use. It’s incomplete as it doesn’t include any of the Resolution Products equipment or new products like the SMKT3, FireFighter, or Door Bell but it should help for most 2GIG devices.

Makes perfect sense, thanks Jay. From you I also learned that I’m not using the heat and freeze detection capabilities of my smoke detector. Thanks again!

Updated cheat sheet: