Will this temp sensor work?

Will the Aeon Labs Aeotec Z-Wave Multi-Sensor show the actual temperature on the panels or through ADC? I want to monitor the temperature of a closed A/V system and it would be great to pull it up on my ipad

Last I checked the Aeon Labs Aeotec Z-Wave Multi-Sensor does not work with 2GIG. You might be able to just put a cheap Z-Wave thermostat in there. I’ve never tried using a thermostat without connecting it to an actual HVAC system but it might work. You’d want to get a 24VAC transformer to power it or you’ll have to replace the batteries pretty often.

What a great idea!!! thanks

I found some cheap ct-22 from Radio Thermostat, but can not find any information on the internet as to whether it will be compatable with 2Gig. I will just need it to report temp. I will get a 24 VAC transformer.

Do you know if the ct-22 will work ? Looks like it uses the same z-wave modules


We’ve never used a CT22 before, just the CT30 and the CT100. If the Z-Wave communication of the CT22 works properly then it should be fine with 2GIG and Alarm.com. Thermostats are pretty simple Z-Wave devices (at least the temp control feature) so you don’t have many compatibility issues with that.

Here’s an example of someone using a CT80 with Alarm.com.


He went through a lot of trouble getting it to work and the problem turned out to be a bug in the Z-Wave communication on the CT80. Once he was able to get proper Z-Wave communication on the CT80 it worked fine with 2GIG and Alarm.com.

If you want to be safe, I wouldn’t be surprised if there were some cheap CT30’s floating around out there since it’s been displaced by the CT100.