Where Do I buy this ADC thermostat?

Where can I get this thermostat featured on the ADC website? It is attached.

Or is this for some other system aside from 2GIG?


ADCT2000 Available right here. 2GIG Compatible.

It’s Z-wave so it will work with any compatible panel. I love the ones I have.

You can but the ADC-T2000 just about anywhere. Google it.

They should have integrated a wireless networking chip in there too.

I would love to see more wifi access for the more data hungry devices.

Wifi does open up unknown and difficult to remedy problems given the wide assortment of consumer networking equipment options. Plus, I think it is still the correct route to focus on a controlled network that cannot be broken by a settings change. The number of times devices fail < the number of times a call to the ISP results in defaulted router settings. A large, interconnected network of automation devices really needs to be immune to that.

However, as an additional communication method, it would be great.